The Thirteenth Child

If our thirteenth child is a girl, all her twelve brothers must die, so that she may be very rich, and the kingdom hers and hers alone.
     from Household Tales, collected by the Brothers Grimm.

I never knew
their names. Only
twelve coffins
in one straight line,
filling the cold grey crypt.

I never wanted
more bones. Only
those already
in my hands,
toys for our plain stone halls.

I never knew
true wealth. Only
the gold glittering in
fairy tales,
absent from our own stone crypt.

I never wanted
death. Only
voices, hands,
silken words
to fill the cold grey halls.

I hold a kingdom
of dry bones,
a kingdom of
shadowed whispers.

                           If only
I could have known my brothers.
If only I had
more than coffins.

If only this gold
did not burn my skin,
did not burn me with its cold.

(Editors’ Note: “The Thirteenth Child’ is read by Erika Ensign in the Uncanny Magazine Podcast Episode 7A.)

Mari Ness

Mari Ness is not quite as obsessed with myth and fairy tale as her work might suggest. Her poetry and short fiction have appeared in numerous publications, including, Clarkesworld Magazine, Lightspeed Magazine, Apex Magazine, Fireside, Daily Science Fiction, and Strange Horizons, and her poetry novella, Through Immortal Shadows Singing, was recently released by Papaveria Press. For more, check out her webpage at, or follow her on Twitter @mari_ness.

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