Uncanny Magazine Issue Fourteen

Welcome to Uncanny Magazine Issue Fourteen! All of the content will be available for purchase as an eBook (PDF, EPUB, MOBI) on January 3, 2017. The free online content will be released in 2 stages—half on January 3, and half on February 7.

Featuring all–new short fiction by Theodora Goss, Maria Dahvana Headley, Cassandra Khaw, Sam J. Miller, Tansy Rayner Roberts, and A. Merc Rustad, reprint fiction by Ann Leckie, nonfiction by Angel Cruz, Delilah S. Dawson, Natalie Luhrs, and Mark Oshiro, poems by Nin Harris, Carlos Hernandez, and Nicasio Andres Reed, interviews with A. Merc Rustad and Maria Dahvana Headley, and John Picacio’s “El Arpa” on the cover.

All that plus two podcasts!

Episode 14A (January 3): Editors’ Introduction, Sam J. Miller’s “Bodies Stacked Like Firewood” as read by Erika Ensign, Carlos Hernandez’s “In Lieu of the Stories My Santera Abuela Should Have Told Me Herself, This Poem” as read by Amal El–Mohtar, and Julia Rios interviewing Sam J. Miller.

Episode 14B (February 7): Editors’ Introduction, Theodora Goss’s “To Budapest, with Love” as read by Amal El–Mohtar, Tansy Rayner Roberts’s “Some Cupids Kill With Arrows” as read by Erika Ensign, Nicasio Andres Reed’s “Except Thou Bless Me” as read by Erika Ensign, and Julia Rios interviewing Theodora Goss.

About The Cover Artist: John Picacio

John Picacio is an award–winning book and product illustrator who has created artwork for clients such as Penguin Random House, Tor Books, HarperCollins, Scholastic, Simon & Schuster, Pyr, Dark Horse Comics, and many more. He illustrated the bestselling 2012 George R. R. Martin / A Song of Ice and Fire Calendar, and has created iconic art for the Star Trek and X–Men franchises. His body of work features major cover illustrations for books by Michael Moorcock, Brenda Cooper, James Dashner, Lauren Beukes, Frederik Pohl, Dan Simmons, James Tiptree, Jr., Sheri S. Tepper, Jeffrey Ford, Joe R. Lansdale, and many, many more. Winner of the 2012 and 2013 Hugo Award for Best Professional Artist, his accolades include eight Chesley Awards, two Locus Awards, two International Horror Guild Awards, the World Fantasy Award, and the Inkpot Award. In 2012, he founded his own creative imprint, Lone Boy, which became the launchpad for his Loteria Grande cards, a bold contemporary re–imagineering of the classic Mexican game of chance. Words that make him happy include comics, hardcover, Palomino Blackwing, Faber–Castell, Kenobi, Batman, Tarkovsky, habanero, Día de los Muertos, Ginobili, and scotch. Follow him at:

In The Issue

More Fiction

Goddess, Worm by Cassandra Khaw

Monster Girls Don’t Cry by A. Merc Rustad

Bodies Stacked Like Firewood by Sam J. Miller

Some Cupids Kill With Arrows by Tansy Rayner Roberts
(available Feb 07, 2017)

The Unknown God by Ann Leckie
(available Feb 07, 2017)

The Thule Stowaway by Maria Dahvana Headley
(available Feb 07, 2017)

To Budapest, with Love by Theodora Goss
(available Feb 07, 2017)


Thank You, Patreon Supporters! by Lynne M. Thomas and Michael Damian Thomas

Inferior Beasts by Mark Oshiro

Why You Should Read Romance by Natalie Luhrs

Blood of the Revolution: On Filipina Writers and Aswang by Angel Cruz
(available Feb 07, 2017)

I Have Never Not Been an Object by Delilah S. Dawson
(available Feb 07, 2017)


Interview: A. Merc Rustad by Julia Rios

Interview: Maria Dahvana Headley by Julia Rios
(available Feb 07, 2017)