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Eight Uncanny Stories Are on the 2017 Locus Recommended Reading List and Locus Award Poll!

SPACE UNICORNS! HAPPY DAY!!! There are EIGHT Uncanny Magazine stories on the prestigious 2017 Locus Recommended Reading List! WE ARE SO CHUFFED! Congratulations to all of the authors!

‘‘And Then There Were (N-One)’’, Sarah Pinsker
‘‘Children of Thorns, Children of Water’’, Aliette de Bodard  (Reprint from 2017)
‘‘The Thule Stowaway’’, Maria Dahvana Headley
‘‘The Worshipful Society of Glovers’’, Mary Robinette Kowal 
‘‘Though She Be But Little’’, C.S.E. Cooney
‘‘Paradox’’, Naomi Kritzer
‘‘Bodies Stacked Like Firewood’’, Sam J. Miller
‘‘Fandom for Robots’’, Vina Jie-Min Prasad 

This means you can vote for these stories in the 2018 Locus Poll and Survey which determines the Locus Awards! Voting is FREE TO ALL! Along with these stories, Uncanny Magazine is also eligible for a Locus Award in the Best Magazine or Fanzine category, and Lynne M. Thomas & Michael Damian Thomas are eligible in the Best Editor – Pro or Fan category! Vote for the things you liked, and you can even write in things that didn’t make the 2017 Locus Recommended Reading List! YOUR VOTE ALWAYS COUNTS!

And as long as you are in a voting mood, don’t forget to vote in the Uncanny Magazine Readers’ Favorite Stories Poll! It’s open until February 7, and the winning author gets a SNAZZY CERTIFICATE!

Shine on, Space Unicorns!


Uncanny Celebrates Reader Favorites of 2017!

Hello, Space Unicorns! 2017 was a… complicated year. Though many things were hard and horrible, we are very proud of all of the amazing works we published in Uncanny. Everyone in the Space Unicorn Ranger Corps has been wonderfully supportive, and your enthusiasm has meant so much to us. It’s been fantastic to see how much our readers have been enjoying Uncanny’s fiction. And while we have our personal favorites, we’d like to know which stories YOU loved from Uncanny in 2017.

We’ve set up a poll for Uncanny readers to vote for their top three favorite original short stories from 2017. (You can find links to all of the stories here.)

The poll will be open from January 17 to February 7, after which we’ll announce the results. We’re excited for you to share which Uncanny stories made you feel!

snazzy certificate will be given to the creator whose work comes out on top of  the poll!

So please spread the word! And don’t forget, EVERY VOTE COUNTS!

Uncanny Magazine 2017 Poetry Award Eligibility

Nominations for the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association’s 2018 Rhysling Awards are now open to all current SFPA members! Nominations close on February 15. If you are a member and would like a list of all of Uncanny Magazine‘s 2017 poetry, here you go!

“Jean–Luc, Future Ghost” by Nin Harris

“In Lieu of the Stories My Santera Abuela Should Have Told Me Herself, This Poem” by Carlos Hernandez

“Except Thou Bless Me” by Nicasio Andres Reed

“time, and time again” by Brandon O’Brien

“Protestations Against the Idea of Anglicization” by Cassandra Khaw

“The Size of a Barleycorn, Encased in Lead” by Bogi Takács

“The Axolotl Inquest” by Lisa M. Bradley

“Twenty Seventy-One” by Sonya Taaffe

“Dancing Princesses” by Roshani Chokshi

“Seven Shoes” by Theodora Goss

“What to expect from the Hadron Collider as a college roommate” by Betsy Aoki

“Qi Xi” by Joyce Chng

“Starskin, Sealskin” by Shveta Thakrar & Sara Cleto

“Questions We Asked for the Girls Turned to Limbs” by Chloe N. Clark

“Domovoi” by Rose Lemberg

“Birth, Place” by Brandon O’Brien

“Too Much Dystopia?” by Jo Walton

“A Lovesong From Frankenstein’s Monster” by Ali Trotta

“The Golem of the Gravestones” by Gwynne Garfinkle

“The old woman who hands you an apple” by Betsy Aoki

“Spice Islands” by Nin Harris

“For All My Missing Jiejies and Ayis” by Sharon Hsu

“An Announcement” by Sara Cleto & Brittany Warman

“The Designs of Designer Baby” by Millie Ho

“Keening” by Valerie Valdes

“Afternoon with Grandparents” by Dominik Parisien

“Apathetic Goblin Nightmare Woman” by Cassandra Khaw