hypothesis for apocalypse

elders told me your face could be opened
like persimmon
cleaving apart at the fingertips, reddened
as blood does,
as bloodied fingers will do.
inside, a round
sphere unheld by any other parts
of any other. seed of
nothing else will do, root and salve of you,
sweet and cracked; surviving
all droughts, i keep and keep, finger and thumb,
ache turning tiny, crimson
planet round and round, a humming sound.

Khairani Barokka

Khairani Barokka is a writer, poet, and interdisciplinary artist, who has presented work extensively in thirteen countries, and is the recipient of six residencies and multiple grants. Among her honours, she was an NYU Tisch Departmental Fellow, and is a UNFPA Indonesian Young Leader Driving Social Change for arts practice and research. Okka is creator of works for the stage such as Eve and Mary Are Having Coffee, co-editor of HEAT: A Southeast Asian Urban Anthology (Fixi) and Stairs and Whispers: D/deaf and Disabled Poets Write Back (Nine Arches), author-illustrator of Indigenous Species (Tilted Axis), and author of poetry collection Rope (Nine Arches Press). She is a PhD by practice researcher in Goldsmiths’ Visual Cultures Department in London. khairanibarokka.com

Photo Credit: Was Daniju

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