Uncanny Magazine Won a Hugo! So Did Folding Beijing!

Oh, Space Unicorns. We have so much glorious news to share. We’ll talk about the Kickstarter in our next post (EVERY STRETCH GOAL REACHED), but first… UNCANNY MAGAZINE WON A HUGO AWARD FOR BEST SEMIPROZINE!!! And “Folding Beijing” by Hao Jingfang (translated by Ken Liu) WON A HUGO AWARD FOR BEST NOVELETTE! We are so honored. […]

Uncanny Magazine, Pockets, and Heat of Us Are All World Fantasy Award Finalists!

SPACE UNICORNS! UNCANNY MAGAZINE‘S LYNNE M. AND MICHAEL DAMIAN THOMAS, AMAL EL-MOHTAR’S “POCKETS,” AND SAM J. MILLER’S “THE HEAT OF US: NOTES TOWARD AN ORAL HISTORY” ARE ALL WORLD FANTASY AWARD FINALISTS!  This is such an amazing and unexpected honor. A huge thanks to all of the World Fantasy Convention members and the World Fantasy […]

Uncanny Magazine Issue 11 Cover and Table of Contents!

Coming July 5, THE ELEVENTH ISSUE OF UNCANNY MAGAZINE!!! All of the content will be available in the eBook version on the day of release. The free online content will be released in 2 stages- half on day of release and half on August 2. Don’t forget eBook Subscriptions to Uncanny Magazine are available from Weightless […]

Do What Donna Says! by Tansy Rayner Roberts

(Editors’ Note: This guest post was written by Tansy Rayner Roberts for our Kickstarter Backer Alison Moore. Thanks, Alison!) I’ve been listening to the brand new audio adventures of the Tenth Doctor and Donna from Big Finish Productions, and thinking a lot about why Donna is still one of my all time favourite Doctor Who companions. […]


Uncanny Cabin II: Recipes!

For those interested in some of what we ate at Uncanny Cabin II: Flourless Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies West African Peanut Soup  

Uncanny Cabin II: The Reckoning. A Review by Anne M. Gibson

In 2015, Uncanny Magazine ran a Kickstarter to fund their second year of publication. I’d supported them in 2014 and attended their writing retreat, Uncanny Cabin. So when I saw the same reward posted in 2015, I was all over that like a beagle at a buffet table. I’m sorry, it was too awesome the […]

Liz Argall’s Things React to Two Uncanny Stories!

As you may remember, one of the stretch goals for the Uncanny Magazine Year Two Kickstarter was a new webcomic feature. Each issue, the multi-talented Liz Argall will have a special Uncanny edition of her webcomic Things Without Arms and Without Legs where they react to a piece in the current issue of Uncanny Magazine. This […]

The Literary Foremothers of Roses and Rot

(Guest Post by Kat Howard) What I write doesn’t ever emerge from a vacuum. I write because I want to say something, because I want to continue a conversation, because something has made me think or feel, and art is the best way I know to communicate those things. Sometimes the influences are more specific […]


Tran Nguyen’s Uncanny Magazine Cover Wins A Spectrum 23 Award!

Wonderful news, Space Unicorns! Tran Nguyen’s stunning Uncanny Magazine Issue 4 cover, “Traveling to a Distant Day,” WON A GOLD AWARD IN THE SPECTRUM 23 EDITORIAL CATEGORY! We are so happy for Tran. It’s a phenomenal cover, and we are giddy that it now has a super fancy award. Don’t forget, Year One Kickstarter Space […]