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The Sycamore and the Sybil

(Content note: sexual coercion/assault and suicidal ideation.)   Before I was a sycamore I was a woman, and before I was a woman I was a girl, and before I was a girl I was a wet seed wild in the hot-pulp belly of my mother. I remember it: a pulsing blackness, veins unfurling in […]

If Salt Lose Its Savor

Restless and troubled by salt-dreams, Dion was up before dawn. The night workers in the dryhouse sang work songs. Dion yoked her buckets across her shoulders and waded out into the sea, the face of the waters still black and littered with reflected stars. Red bands across the eastern sky shot through heavy clouds that […]

Where You Linger

(Content note for sexual assault.) We all make mistakes. As I sit on the floor of my bedroom, surrounded by the journals I kept in high school and in my twenties, and fill out the doctor’s form, I tally mistakes in the corner of the paper. Before marriage, before Dover’s and my quiet nights trading words […]

And All the Trees of the Forest Shall Clap Their Hands

(Content note for incest and child death.) Well, Your Honours, it is true that I killed your child king, indeed it is true. You asked me how I came to know your tongue, before you put me in this cell. You broke my twig fingers one by one and asked me what I am, and what […]

My Country Is a Ghost

When Niovi tried to smuggle her mother’s ghost into the new country, she found herself being passed from one security officer to another, detailing her mother’s place and date of death over and over again. “Are you carrying a ghost with you, ma’am?” asked the woman in the security vest. Her nametag read Stella. Her […]

Thank You, Patreon Supporters!

Uncanny Magazine would like to thank the following people for supporting us on Patreon. This magazine would not be possible without their support. Space Unicorn Ranger Corps COMMANDERS Kevin Lyda, Stephen, Elizabeth Galliher, Mairin Holmes, Girish M Duvvuri, Melanie Ashford, Alex E.T. Snyder, Rachel Caine, justin livernois, William T. McGeachin, Alex Eiser, Alexander M Henderson, […]

You Perfect, Broken Thing

When I leave the kill floor, my legs are wasted. I shuffle to the women’s locker room. I can’t stand anymore, but I know if I sit, I’ll never get back up. At least, not for another hour. I prop myself up on my open locker. My hands are shaking, too. My fingertips are blue, […]

Badass Moms in the Zombie Apocalypse

My labor pangs are mild at first. They’re intense, sure, but it’s mostly warmth and pressure like my abdomen is hugging itself. I’ve got time. Hours maybe, before I have to flee the enclave and get myself to the birthing hideout. In the meantime, I’m in our makeshift infirmary, trying to get water past old […]

Writing With My Keys Between My Fingers

(Content note: Descriptions of online harassment, threats and misogyny.)  Like you, like almost all writers, I live on the internet. I work there, too. My Twitter DMs have gotten me gigs and solicitation for anthologies and hot tips and networking. They’ve also brought me suggestions that I should kill myself because of my opinion of […]

Elegy for the Self as Villeneuve’s Belle

I wish I didn’t hunger for this so badly that I would have one so unripe, my plea for it out of season. We should have both waited. But we simply couldn’t be sated by patience. Wanting pretty things is hunger, too, and having is feasting, denied by few. A rose alone was all my […]