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This Will Not Happen to You

I got sick. This will not happen to you. They have an antifungal now. They know how to kill all the little spores when they start to creep into your tissues, your lungs, your eyeballs, your liver. I didn’t know quite what was happening to me. This will not happen to you. All the signs […]

Move Like You’re From Thra, My People

When I was a child, the world had a lot of surprises for me: even as a rough-and-tumble tomboy who delighted in running and climbing trees, the world of books was an endless imaginative joy. It seemed that reading them opened up a door in the back of my mind and I could just fall […]


Even in her dreams, Izze always felt pulled in too many directions. “That’s part of your problem,” Severin said when she called him while drinking the morning’s first cup of coffee. “You sleep wrong.” His voice sounded far away, pinned beneath a screen. “That’s not the problem. All the tests have said it’s electromagnetic, or […]

Abigail Dreams of Weather

Everything is broken. The screen that takes up one entire wall of the play area is broken, cracked from corner to corner. There’s nothing usable in the games and toys cupboard, which is piled high with neatly stacked boxes full of mismatched parts and flat batteries. The few handhelds that work at all are agonizingly […]

The Frequency of Compassion

Kaityn Falk loves the dark phase of the moon. It’s quiet. Soothing. Insulated in their spacesuit, comm dimmed, Kaityn sits in the rover and watches the sky. Here on Io 7, a newly discovered satellite in retrograde orbit around a dwarf planet the size of Pluto, they are the only living human in several thousand lightyears. […]

Nails in My Feet

I gotta tell you, as a puppet life sucks. I mean, cartoon characters got it easy. They don’t have to deal with five-fingered monsters crawling all over them or being nailed to the floor. Or dying. I was talking with old Scoobster the other day. Once you get past the doggy speak, he’s pretty clear. […]

The Tale of the Three Beautiful Raptor Sisters, and the Prince Who Was Made of Meat

Once upon a time, long, long, long, long, long, long, ago, there were three raptor sisters, hatched beneath a lucky star. They lived in a wood together, they stole sheep and cattle together, and all in all, there was no tighter-knit hunting pride of matriarchal dromaeosauridae between the mountains and the sea. The oldest was […]

Everything Under Heaven

“So you’re a chef,” the huntress said, after she’d saved the day, “and you’re out here to hunt and cook a dragon?” “Yes?” Kee picked leaves off her muddied pants, a futile gesture. The huntress stared at her with a slight frown. She was compact, shaved hairless, brown-skinned, and wore Easterner boiled leather armour, dotted […]

The Emigrants’ Guide to Oregon, California, and the Unknown

The Miller Diaries Author(s): Donna K. Gibson Source: Journal of Anthropological Research, Vol. 123, No. 4 (Winter, 2069), pp. 223-242 Published by: University of New Mexico The following are excerpts from the diary of Elias J. Miller, a previously unknown member of the ill-fated Donner Party. Donated to the National Historical Society earlier this year, […]

Uncanny Magazine Podcast Episode 23A

Welcome to Episode 23A of the Hugo  & Parsec Award-winning Uncanny Magazine Podcast! In Episode 23A you will hear: Editors’ Introduction: Lynne M. Thomas & Michael Damian Thomas Short Story: Red Lizard Brigade by Sam J. Miller, as read by Heath Miller Poem: Octavia’s Letter to Marcus Anthony on the Discovery of His Faithlessness by Cassandra Khaw, as read by Stephanie Malia […]