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Self Portrait As a Printing Press

Galatians 6:11   see what inkjet I make of my deft paws, concealing a switchblade—cupid hung, to serve as restraint when I word overboard with love. my long breath, drawing the heat for print.   the jammed teeth of wastepaper.   I fill the cartridge that is my guts, sum all saliva to one thick […]

Ada Palmer and Jo Walton

Ada Palmer’s acclaimed Terra Ignota series (Tor Books) explores a future of borderless nations and globally commixing populations; its fourth and last volume Perhaps the Stars is due out September 2021. She teaches history at the University of Chicago, studying the Renaissance, Enlightenment, and radical freethought, and is currently working on a book on censorship […]

Of Monsters I Loved

I spent years pulling my heart out from behind my ribs, certain that I didn’t need it, that barking mess, making all that noise— I threw it to the wolves, took their offering of teeth, thinking I could rid myself of the whole aching creature— but it kept coming back, loyal and broken, a resilient […]

Uncanny Magazine Podcast 39B

Welcome to Episode 39B of the award-winning Uncanny Magazine Podcast! In Episode 39B you will hear: Publishers’ Introduction: Lynne M. Thomas & Michael Damian Thomas Short Story: “The Book of the Kraken” by Carrie Vaughn, as read by Joy Piedmont Poems: “Of Monsters I Loved” by Ali Trotta,  as read by Heath Miller Interview: Lynne […]

They Shall Salt the Earth with Seeds of Glass

It’s noon, the middle of wheat harvest, and Tris is standing on the edge of the field while Bill and Harris and I drive three ancient combine threshers across the grain. It’s dangerous to stand so close and Tris knows it. Tris knows better than to get in the way during harvest, too. Not a […]

Eighteen Days of Barbareek

Barbareek’s head perches on the hilltop, watching the battle for the throne of Hastinapur unfold before him. His hands—several miles away—itch to pick up his bow and join the fray. Elephants trumpet, horses snort, swords clash against shields, and arrows whiz through the air. The biggest battle of all their lives, and he—the strongest warrior […]

The Uncanny Valley

The snow swirls outside of Caitlin’s Lurie Children’s Hospital window. From 20 floors up, we watch cars slip and slide, thankful we’re not traveling home in dangerous weather while also wanting to be anywhere but here. Caitlin is back in the hospital tonight after a mostly healthy 2020. The current kidney stone surgery didn’t go […]

Colors of the Immortal Palette

LEAD WHITE I will always remember the view of Paris from his window. Snow, pure and untouched, softens the outline of the buildings and covers the grime of the streets. White, the color of beginnings. His canvas is primed and ready to be painted, and stark winter sunlight glows bright on his undead skin. The […]

The Perils of a Hologram Heart

We found ourselves once again at the Organ Zoo. While we gazed at the giant livers of extraterrestrial water worms, Arc asked me to tell him about the nineteen nineties. There was nothing I could describe that I hadn’t described before. I had already told him a thousand times about my highlights, my gelled ponytail […]