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Interview: Kenneth Schneyer

Kenneth Schneyer is a writer (by inclination), a professor (by occupation), a lawyer (by training), a project manager (by default), and an amateur astronomer (by avocation) living in Rhode Island.  He’s been a finalist for both the Nebula and Sturgeon Memorial Awards, and has published more than 50 stories that have been translated into Italian, […]

The Ruby of the Summer King

The Summer King fell in love with the Winter Queen before they even met. He dwelt in the heart of summer in bursts of fruit and green, a place the denizens of winter did not and could not even consider approaching. But even in summer, tales were told of her stark beauty, of her penchant […]

Interview: Aliette de Bodard

Aliette de Bodard lives and works in Paris. She has won three Nebula Awards, a Locus Award, a British Fantasy Award and four British Science Fiction Association Awards, and was a double Hugo finalist for 2019 (Best Series and Best Novella). Most recently she published The House of Sundering Flames, the conclusion to her Dominion […]

The Inaccessibility of Heaven

Night. A night like any other in Starhollow: the headlights of cars, small and lost between the skyscrapers; the smell of hydromel and wine wafting from those few bars still open; and above me, the distant light of the stars, a constant reminder of the inaccessibility of Heaven. I climbed the stairs to my flat, […]

Thank You, Patreon Supporters!

Uncanny Magazine would like to thank the following people for supporting us on Patreon. This magazine would not be possible without their support. Space Unicorn Ranger Corps RECRUITS Ai Lake, Aleksi Stenberg, Amanda J. McGee, Andrew and Kate Barton, Andrew S. Fuller, Anitra Heiberg Lykke, Annaliese Lemmon, Brooks Moses, CathiBeaStevenson, Damien Neil, Dread Singles, Elizabeth […]

A Pale Horse

Thig crìoch air an t-saoghal ach mairidh gaol is ceòl. Come the end of the world, love and music will endure.   She sits by the water’s edge, listening for a song to prove that point. She came out here to the edge of Loch Fada to see…something. All she sees is water and hills. […]

Will I Live to See My Utopia?

 “Will I live to see my utopia?”—Adrian Veidt, Ozymandias When I first saw the trailer for HBO’s adaptation of Watchmen, I knew I wanted to see it. Guys in Rorschach masks. “Tick Tock, Tick Tock.” And best of all, Regina King as a brand new hero in a nun outfit. What was there not to […]

Ewen Ma

Ewen Ma was shortlisted for the Gollancz & Rivers of London BAME SFF Award in 2020, graduated from Clarion West in 2018, and is a speculative fiction writer made in Hong Kong. Ewen’s work can be found or is forthcoming in Uncanny, Fusion Fragment, Anathema, Liminality, and Voice & Verse. Ewen lives in London, where they research visual cultures while […]

Interview: Meg Elison

Meg Elison is a science fiction author and feminist essayist. Her series, The Road to Nowhere, won the 2014 Philip K. Dick award. She was a James A. Tiptree Award Honoree in 2018. She has been published in McSweeney’s, Fantasy & Science Fiction, Fangoria, and many other places. Previously an essayist for Uncanny, this is […]