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On the Impurity of Dragon-kind

Before I begin, I feel that I should mention the people who made it possible for me to stand before you now. Unfortunately neither my mother nor my father can be here with me today, but my Uncle Matthew and Aunt Bess are, and I thank them both for all their hard work. For most […]

Beware the Lifeboat

Thought experiments are tools. Some thought experiments are like power saws with no blade guards: you can see what someone wanted to do with them, but they’re still a terrible idea and likely to get blood everywhere. Science fiction has a history of loving thought experiments not wisely but too well. A “hard choices” narrative […]

How the Trick Is Done

The Magician Takes a Bow How many people can say they were there the night the trick went wrong and the Magician died on stage? Certainly, that first morning on the strip—dazed gamblers blinking in the rising light, the ambulance come and gone, with the smell of gunpowder lingering in the air—everyone claimed they knew […]

The Migration Suite: A Study in C Sharp Minor

(Content Note: Use of racist slur.) First Movement: Creation The lights dotting the night sky filled the hunter with wonder and terror. He did not know what they meant, nor why they hid during the day. But each night he stared up at them, waiting. A fallow emptiness always settled on him after a hunt, […]

A Champion of Nigh-Space

1 Here’s how I found out my girlfriend was a champion of nigh-space. 2 Her name was Vivian and she went by Vivy. We met on a dating site, and the algorithm thought our interests were similar and/or complementary enough to make us a mathematically near-perfect match: zombie movies, live shows with local bands, favorite […]

Thank You, Patreon Supporters!

Uncanny Magazine would like to thank the following people for supporting us on Patreon. This magazine would not be possible without their support. Space Unicorn Ranger Corps COMMANDERS Rachel Caine, Scott Day, Alex E. T. Snyder, Bliss Ehrlich, Alex Eiser, Crystal Huff, Marzie Kaifer, justin livernois, Jayme Lundeen, Kevin Lyda, Alexander M Henderson, Kate O’Connor, […]

Big Box

I don’t know what I need, but I need a lot of it. And this is an opportunity. The store wasn’t here yesterday. There was a complex of car dealerships abutting one of those sprawling Phoenix strip malls where spray mist over the pathways so shoppers don’t get heatstroke. But now, somehow, inserted between the […]

The Blur in the Corner of Your Eye

It was a nice enough cabin, if Zanna ignored the dead wasps. Their bodies were in the bedroom, all over the quilt and the floor, so she’d sleep in the living room until they ascertained whether there was a live wasp problem as well as a dead one. If she ignored the wasps, it was […]

The Thomases Unbox the Best of Uncanny ARCs!

EXCITING DAY, SPACE UNICORNS! As you may remember, the phenomenal Subterranean Press will be releasing massive hardcover and prestige editions of  The Best of Uncanny in December 2019! The Best of Uncanny is a collection edited by Lynne M. Thomas and Michael Damian Thomas bringing together some of their favorite Uncanny Magazine stories and poems from the first few years of the magazine, including many works […]

Elegy for the Self as Villeneuve’s Beast

I work to put away these daggernails of mine and carve off each stain of the hurt, each line of the black love that turned my burnished skin to furs to sweat in, to wear as uniform’d curse— I won’t lie, I wake up snarling. I want to rend what turned me so, I want […]