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You’ll Surely Drown Here If You Stay

When the desert finally lets you go, naked and stumbling, your body humming with raw power and the song of dead things coiled under your tongue, you find Marisol waiting for you at the edge of the bluffs. She’s dressed in long sleeves and a skirt over her boots, her black hair tucked under a […]

The Plague Givers

She had retired to the swamp because she liked the color. When the Contagion College came back for her thirty years after she had fled into the swamp’s warm, black embrace, the color was the same, but she was not. Which brings us here. The black balm of dusk descended over the roiling muddy face […]

The Uncanny Magazine 2016 Weightless Books Subscription Drive!

Uncanny Magazine is once again recruiting for its Space Unicorn Ranger Corps! Now, you can become a member of the Corps by subscribing at Weightless Books! This is the perfect time to join because 2016 Hugo Award finalist Uncanny is going on sale! From May 3-17, a year’s subscription to Uncanny Magazine is $2 less than […]

Uncanny Magazine Issue Ten

Welcome to Uncanny Magazine Issue Ten! All of the content will be available for purchase as an eBook (PDF, EPUB, MOBI) on May 3, 2016. The free online content will be released in 2 stages—half on May 3, and half on June 7. Featuring all–new short fiction by Seanan McGuire, Kat Howard, JY Yang, Alyssa Wong, and […]

The Sound of Salt and Sea

The funeral was at dawn, the cold wind off the ocean rippling coat hems and tugging at scarves. The words were said, the blessing given, the family offered one final chance to make their farewells. When they had finished, the pallbearers picked up the edges of the thin pallet the old woman was laid on, […]

The Uncanny Valley

The weather is ping–ponging between snow, rain, and sun today, so clearly we are writing this during a Chicago April. Despite the wacky weather, the daffodils and tulips are still fighting the elements in front of our Sears catalog house to declare THEY ARE NOT GIVING UP ON THIS SPRING THING. Before we know it, […]

Uncanny Magazine Podcast Episode 9B

Welcome to Episode 9B of the 2015 Parsec Award Finalist Uncanny Magazine Podcast!  In Episode 9B you will hear: Editors’ Introduction: Lynne M. Thomas & Michael Damian Thomas Short Story: “Big Thrull and the Askin’ Man” by Max Gladstone, as read by Heath Miller Poem: “The Book of Forgetting” by Jennifer Crow, as read by Erika Ensign […]

Closing the Gap: The Blurring of Fan and Professional

I met Sarah Gailey at Easy Creole, and despite living in Oakland for five years, it was my first time there. My friend Sunil Patel orchestrated the lunch, but this was not the first time I’d been introduced to someone awesome through him. We ate fantastic Creole food, spoke about The Force Awakens at length, […]

Big Thrull and the Askin’ Man

Everybody knows about Thrull. Thrull like legend among us folk—biggest, greenest, meanest, nastiest, and dirtiest of all—with one big difference: legends false, Thrull true. We tell the story of Thrull and the reindeer feast, and the story of Thrull and the Mountain Witches, and the story of how Thrull wrestled Winter and wed Summer on […]

The Wolf and the Tower Unwoven

Scrawny and boyish in his ill–fitting humanity, the wolf paced naked through my forest. Even my old eyes could see the way grasping brambles had torn his unprotected skin. An unwoven thing he was, a creature of the tower’s making. My responsibility. Or, at least, my fault. I set a platter of cold meat on […]