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The Uncanny Valley

Is it that time of year again? Is there a crispness in the air? Are decorations going up around your town? Are you hearing joyful songs of the season? That’s right! IT’S TIME TO BEGIN A NEW YEAR OF UNCANNY MAGAZINE! Is there really a more magical time of year? So sing an Uncanny carol! […]

Uncanny Magazine 2015 Award Eligibility

It’s the time of year when people post their year-in-reviews to remind voters for the different SF/F awards what’s out there they might have missed and which category it’s eligible in (especially for the Hugo Awards and Nebula Awards). This was the first full year of Uncanny Magazine (Issues 2 through 7). We are extremely proud […]

Uncanny Magazine Podcast Episode 3

Welcome to the third installment of the Uncanny Magazine Podcast! In Podcast Episode 3, you will hear: Editors’ Intro: Lynne M. Thomas and Michael Damian Thomas Short Fiction: “The Heat of Us: Notes Toward an Oral History” by Sam J. Miller as read by C.S.E. Cooney Poetry: After the Moon Princess Leaves by Isabel Yap as read […]

Uncanny Magazine Issue Two

Uncanny‘s first issue of 2015! All of the content will be available for purchase as an eBook (PDF, EPUB, MOBI) on January 6, 2015. The free online content will be released in 2 stages- half on January 6, and half on February 3. Featuring new fiction by Hao Jingfang (translated by Ken Liu), Sam J. Miller, […]

The Uncanny Valley

The Thomases are… happy and exhausted. As we write this, we’re finally finished with our World Tour (which included a visit to the David Bowie Is exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago). Basically, every weekend was booked, from Caitlin’s birthday in October until mid–December. This included Lynne speaking about Doctor Who at […]

Uncanny Issue 2 Cover & Table of Contents!

Coming January 6, THE SECOND ISSUE OF UNCANNY!!! All of the content will be available in the eBook version on the day of release. The free online content will be released in 2 stages- half on day of release and half on February 3. Don’t forget that eBook Subscriptions to Uncanny Magazine are available on Weightless […]

Imagining Place: New York, New York. It’s A Hell of a Town

Hi, you. We started this relationship on the day I was born. I was given the birthright of your skyscrapers, your bridges, your busy streets and your sleepless nights. We left you behind when I was very small, but the pull of the City that Never Sleeps just kept dragging me back, until I was […]

Thank You, Patreon Supporters!

Uncanny Magazine would like to thank the following people for supporting us on Patreon. This magazine would not be possible without their support.   Space Unicorn Ranger Corps COMMANDERS Alex Eiser, Alexander M Henderson, Alina Kanaski, Autumn, Bliss Ehrlich, Crystal Huff, Dain Unicorn, Daniel (a raven), Edmund Schweppe, Elizabeth Galliher, Girish M Duvvuri, Jayme, Justin […]

The Sycamore and the Sybil

(Content note: sexual coercion/assault and suicidal ideation.)   Before I was a sycamore I was a woman, and before I was a woman I was a girl, and before I was a girl I was a wet seed wild in the hot-pulp belly of my mother. I remember it: a pulsing blackness, veins unfurling in […]

If Salt Lose Its Savor

Restless and troubled by salt-dreams, Dion was up before dawn. The night workers in the dryhouse sang work songs. Dion yoked her buckets across her shoulders and waded out into the sea, the face of the waters still black and littered with reflected stars. Red bands across the eastern sky shot through heavy clouds that […]