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Writing With My Keys Between My Fingers

(Content note: Descriptions of online harassment, threats and misogyny.)  Like you, like almost all writers, I live on the internet. I work there, too. My Twitter DMs have gotten me gigs and solicitation for anthologies and hot tips and networking. They’ve also brought me suggestions that I should kill myself because of my opinion of […]

Elegy for the Self as Villeneuve’s Belle

I wish I didn’t hunger for this so badly that I would have one so unripe, my plea for it out of season. We should have both waited. But we simply couldn’t be sated by patience. Wanting pretty things is hunger, too, and having is feasting, denied by few. A rose alone was all my […]

The Best of Uncanny is OUT NOW!

Fabulous news, Space Unicorns! In case you missed it during your New Year’s celebrations, The Best of Uncanny was released into the multiverse! As you know, The Best of Uncanny is a collection from Subterranean Press edited by Lynne M. Thomas and Michael Damian Thomas that brings together some of their favorite Uncanny Magazine stories and […]

Thank You, Patreon Supporters!

Uncanny Magazine would like to thank the following people for supporting us on Patreon. This magazine would not be possible without their support. Space Unicorn Ranger Corps COMMANDERS Alex E. T. Snyder, Alex Eiser, Alexander M Henderson, Bliss Ehrlich, Crystal Huff, Dain Unicorn, Daniel Sales, Derek Smith, Edmund Schweppe, Girish M Duvvuri, Jayme Lundeen, justin […]

Without Prayer or the Place in the Forest

for Selkie In the magic realist novel, we find the firebird in the attic of your grandmother’s diary where the last poet she went to school with left it burning like a ner tomid before she was caught in the wind of rolling stock and ash all these stories come to, their tracks stitching history’s […]

If You’ve Heard This One Before

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. By the time you’re reading this, the Todd Phillips film Joker will have been in theatres for a while and the word is out: it’s a pretty astounding film. It’s also… worrying many, to say the least. Having seen it on opening day, I am inclined to […]

Nutrition Facts

I’m told that the recipe never changes. It’s the same taro congee day after day, no added powders or ingredients. The taste is supposed to be consistent with only a few shifts in nutrients. I palm the sensoring pad and the vending machine squeezes it out from the robot with the mixing bowl behind glass. […]

A Time to Reap

(Content Note for emotional abuse and mentions of sexual abuse.) For Shirley Jackson and Charles Dickens “This is a true-crime tale?” Two reporters sharing the shuttle with us, and of course I got the one who hadn’t done her homework. I suppose I should have been flattered that they were there—a Broadway musical spun off the […]

Thank You, Year 6 Kickstarter Backers!

Uncanny Magazine would like to thank the following people for backing our Year 6 Kickstarter. This magazine would not be possible without their support. @lisaboban, A Giant Space Lobster, A Grue, A Nonny Moose, A. T. Greenblatt, Aaron Jamieson, Abi Scott, Adam L, Adrienne, Adrienne York-Minor, Aidee Campa, Aimee Cordova, AJ Fitzwater, AJ Kerrigan, Ajit […]

The Tailor and the Beast

A beast dwelt in the castle on the hill. There was nothing so very strange or unusual in this circumstance; recently it had been tremendously in fashion. A witch couldn’t really hope to make her debut in society without imprisoning at least one troublesome young man behind stone walls. Lucia Bellomi knew all of this, […]