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A Champion of Nigh-Space

1 Here’s how I found out my girlfriend was a champion of nigh-space. 2 Her name was Vivian and she went by Vivy. We met on a dating site, and the algorithm thought our interests were similar and/or complementary enough to make us a mathematically near-perfect match: zombie movies, live shows with local bands, favorite […]

Thank You, Patreon Supporters!

Uncanny Magazine would like to thank the following people for supporting us on Patreon. This magazine would not be possible without their support. Space Unicorn Ranger Corps COMMANDERS Rachel Caine, Scott Day, Alex E. T. Snyder, Bliss Ehrlich, Alex Eiser, Crystal Huff, Marzie Kaifer, justin livernois, Jayme Lundeen, Kevin Lyda, Alexander M Henderson, Kate O’Connor, […]

Big Box

I don’t know what I need, but I need a lot of it. And this is an opportunity. The store wasn’t here yesterday. There was a complex of car dealerships abutting one of those sprawling Phoenix strip malls where spray mist over the pathways so shoppers don’t get heatstroke. But now, somehow, inserted between the […]

The Blur in the Corner of Your Eye

It was a nice enough cabin, if Zanna ignored the dead wasps. Their bodies were in the bedroom, all over the quilt and the floor, so she’d sleep in the living room until they ascertained whether there was a live wasp problem as well as a dead one. If she ignored the wasps, it was […]

The Thomases Unbox the Best of Uncanny ARCs!

EXCITING DAY, SPACE UNICORNS! As you may remember, the phenomenal Subterranean Press will be releasing massive hardcover and prestige editions of  The Best of Uncanny in December 2019! The Best of Uncanny is a collection edited by Lynne M. Thomas and Michael Damian Thomas bringing together some of their favorite Uncanny Magazine stories and poems from the first few years of the magazine, including many works […]

Elegy for the Self as Villeneuve’s Beast

I work to put away these daggernails of mine and carve off each stain of the hurt, each line of the black love that turned my burnished skin to furs to sweat in, to wear as uniform’d curse— I won’t lie, I wake up snarling. I want to rend what turned me so, I want […]

Canst Thou Draw Out the Leviathan

(Content Note for use of racist slur.) John Wood boarded the Gracie-Ella ahead of the crew. He carried his sea chest on his shoulder. In a satchel slung low on his hip were his tools and the three things most precious to him: a lock of his grandmother’s hair, a shaving from the first cabinet […]

A Catalog of Love at First Sight

The Mother that Made Me. Cold and wet and smacked with air. I scream until I feel a familiar heartbeat. Smell of milk, and beyond that, the smell of lavender. Blooming in fields that stretch to touch the horizon. Home. Safe. Warm. Warm like the burning sun in the burning sky. The New Boy Who […]

Corpse Soldier

Everything started here: A broad plain of yellow grass, the stalks crushed and smeared with blood, and the sounds of dying men—yes, all men—sobbing and praying to the rusty pink sky. The high grass hid their forms and faces. They were bodiless voices, as if ghosts already, rising above the field like ashes to heaven. […]