Poetry Introduction

We begin with an injunction, an order: “Resist / feeding serpents your stories.” Serpents expect the performative, we are warned; they prize shiny illusions over truth. But we are survivors, and we have not survived by accepting limits. So, sly, we speak aslant. We speak of whales and horses. We seduce would-be censors with “world-tree […]


Personal Essays Introduction

And so it is. Disabled People officially join Women, Queers, and People of Color currently destroying science fiction. Why, oh, why are we ever bound to destroy that which we love most?  Disabled folks love science fiction, did you know that? This personal essay section exists purely because we love science fiction. Because disabled authors […]


The Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction Manifesto

Destroy. That’s the brief of this issue. Destroy science fiction. Why? Because disabled people have been discarded from the narrative, cured, rejected, villainized. We’ve been given few options for our imaginations to run wild within the parameters of an endless sky. This issue destroys those narratives and more. As with the previous Destroy projects (Women, […]