21st Century Heroes—Representation in Marvel and DC’s Cinematic Universes

With continuity–resetting crossovers in the Marvel comics universe and a post–event time jump in the DC universe (coinciding with a new wave of titles and creative teams) this summer, I’ve been thinking again about the relationship between the comics continuities and the cinematic counterparts, and especially the films’ roles as the most well–known incarnations of […]


Ethics of Reviewing

Several months ago, Justin Landon invited both myself and Amal El–Mohtar onto Rocket Talk to discuss “ethics in literary journalism.” It was a far–ranging and often digressive conversation and it’s a subject I’ve been turning over in my head ever since. There are a lot of ways to approach this issue, as many ways as […]


Writing Queerly: Three Snapshots

As part of Uncanny Magazine’s Kickstarter campaign, I offered to blog about the subject of a contributor’s choice. D Franklin took me up on it and asked for an essay on the topic of “writing queerly.” In response, I’ve taken three snapshots of works that approach the idea of writing queerly in different ways. I […]