Once We Were Prophets

Epilepsy used to be called the sacred disease because it enraptures people, taking control of them and sometimes bestowing visions that can be heavenly or hellish. It was the realm of oracles and wise men. When the seizures overtook people, they were touched by the Gods themselves. But over time, people began to fear it. […]


Disabled or Just Broken?

Disability happened to me in an instant. One moment I was able, the next I was broken from the ribs on down, the result of a horrific car accident. But I was fortunate; I received excellent care from the first responders to my amazing surgical team to the dedicated physical therapy, occupational therapy, and nursing […]


Nihil De Nobis, Sine Nobis

I am 30 years old before I see myself—my disabled self—in any kind of science fiction. Nobody meant to write about me. It’s early 2017 and I’m reading The Expanse series. Okay, I’m devouring The Expanse series, because my boyfriend and I watched the first episode of the television show so I immediately needed to […]