The Nine Scents of Sorrow

Sillage de la Reine: A bright top note of orange blossom, intertwined heart notes of rose and jasmine, and a trio of warm base notes of sandalwood, iris, and cedar. Laughter in the gardens of Versailles. “Astound me, Monsieur Fargeon,” the queen says. She laughs, showing all of her pretty teeth. She is not wearing […]


A Pale Horse

Thig crìoch air an t-saoghal ach mairidh gaol is ceòl. Come the end of the world, love and music will endure.   She sits by the water’s edge, listening for a song to prove that point. She came out here to the edge of Loch Fada to see…something. All she sees is water and hills. […]


We Chased the Sirens

We chased the sirens for the seaspray, for the slick tang of salt on our tongues when we stood at the prow of the ship. We each christened her a different name, and the carving on the hull twisted and reshaped depending on who took the helm. Anna for young Rose; Hera when Molly gripped […]