Restore the Heart into Love

Fans whirred, forcing hot air laced with beef and star anise into the hibernation pod. The scent was supposed to comfort Max as he warmed up. Instead, it made him homesick. It was another reminder that by the time the Byzantium Library returned to Earth, centuries would have passed. Max tugged the latch to his […]


You Are Two Point Three Meters from Your Destination

Commencing Route for Orpheus of Thrace. Proceed from Ciconian Coast meadow south–southwest to mouth of Eurotas River in Laconia, approximately eight hundred kilometers. Travel time to waypoint: seven days at your current speed. Head ninety–two kilometers south to Cape Taenarus, also known as Matapan. Find Taenarus Gate. Recalculating. Find Taenarus Gate. Proceed to route. Pass […]


In the House of the Seven Librarians

Once upon a time, the Carnegie Library sat on a wooded bluff on the east side of town: red brick and fieldstone, with turrets and broad windows facing the trees. Inside, green glass–shaded lamps cast warm yellow light onto oak tables ringed with spindle–backed chairs. The floors were wood, except in the foyer, where they […]


Dr. Polingyouma’s Machine

Dr. Polingyouma’s machine is still running, that’s what they tell me.  Just what that machine does depends on whom you ask. And they’ve made it pretty clear that I’m not being paid to ask questions. Since I’m being paid so well, I don’t push it. Besides, they’re the ones who should be asking me. I’ve […]



“…how is this nonsense possible, that the enemies of Kush are copies of the Kushite enemies of Pharaonic Egypt?” ~ L. Török, “Kush and the External World” Sarah sets the kettle on the hob. She bends and fans the fire, her face aglow for a moment, molten bronze. When she stands up, her color fades […]


Ivory Darts, Golden Arrows

(Editors’ Note: This story originally ran on Valentine’s Day on the Uncanny Magazine blog, as a special gift to our readers from Maria Dahvana Headley.) It was a headcold of a February day, a day for hiding in the dark, but the postmistress was out in it nonetheless, bundled but for her fingertips, moving with […]


Translatio Corporis

The city began building itself when Lena was nine. It was a labor of love. Construction started with a fountain, ornate and elaborate, full of leaping fish, out of whose mouths smaller fountains splashed, a tridented Poseidon proud at its apex. Lena liked how the bright sun turned the splashing water sharp and clear like […]

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