Outside, the rush of wings. The shadows of birds tessellated across my wall, a fraction of a second behind the flight. A flock of birds. An exaltation, a parliament, a murder. Their chirps and chatter filled the sky. This much commotion, it must mean a soul’s migration, from death to life again. One of the […]


Late Nights at the Cape and Cane

Doc Sinister was sloppy drunk, scared, and monologuing. The first and third weren’t unusual for one A.M. at the Cape and Cane on a—do you call it Tuesday night or Wednesday morning?—but the second worried me. “They don’t get it.” He pounded his glass on the table for punctuation, and a fountain of expelled bourbon […]



A pair of birds dart across your narrow field of vision on the screen. The last user had left the telepresence machine near the bed closest to the door before disconnecting, with the camera and monitor pointing at the open window so that you, the next user, would not have to stare into the face […]