A House by the Sea

Would you believe me if I told you that they all live together in a house by the sea? It would only be fair, if they did. They can’t live in the City, of course. Can you imagine? You’d be walking somewhere, maybe proceeding past the parks and public buildings, perhaps accompanied by a clamor […]


The Stars Above

Under cover of night, our village moves across the steppe. Aliya leads the way. Her whistle is high and in harmony with the wind, so an untrained ear would ignore the sound. But we, the hushed and listening herd, heed the falconer’s call for what it is. Aliya trained golden eagles long before the invaders […]


The Things I Miss the Most

The talk. The sex. Somebody to trust… Before the Grigsby Process my life was like a series of ads being skipped. I blacked out a lot. Had lots of seizures. So many that sometimes my learning software obsolesced before I could complete a semester. At home I avoided clothes—they’d just get peed in or tangle […]

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Mika only visited Aino Korhonen ahead of time because he was in an upward swing. He had awoken with a longing to see people, talk to them, to be surrounded by life. All the interesting markets and people were up the spokes, so that’s where he went. Aino’s workshop lay in an artisan quarter on […]



Even in her dreams, Izze always felt pulled in too many directions. “That’s part of your problem,” Severin said when she called him while drinking the morning’s first cup of coffee. “You sleep wrong.” His voice sounded far away, pinned beneath a screen. “That’s not the problem. All the tests have said it’s electromagnetic, or […]


Abigail Dreams of Weather

Everything is broken. The screen that takes up one entire wall of the play area is broken, cracked from corner to corner. There’s nothing usable in the games and toys cupboard, which is piled high with neatly stacked boxes full of mismatched parts and flat batteries. The few handhelds that work at all are agonizingly […]


Birthday Girl

Bella arrived late at the party, carrying a doll in a box in pink wrapping paper. She’d owned the doll when she was young, and she’d hoped Natalie would like that. Now, she wished she’d bought something. Her sister’s husband answered the door while holding a bunch of balloons. He looked surprised. Sorry I’m late, […]