A Champion of Nigh-Space

1 Here’s how I found out my girlfriend was a champion of nigh-space. 2 Her name was Vivian and she went by Vivy. We met on a dating site, and the algorithm thought our interests were similar and/or complementary enough to make us a mathematically near-perfect match: zombie movies, live shows with local bands, favorite […]


Compassionate Simulation

(Content Note: Abuse) Static. Startle. Wait. Wait. You’re—wait. You? “—your grandfather always said it was okay to talk to yourself—” Yes. You. You are. You are floating. No, not floating—numb. No, not numb—nothing. You are nothing? No. Wait. “—to yourself as long as you don’t start answering—” Thinking hurts. “—You’d better show up before that […]


Big Box

I don’t know what I need, but I need a lot of it. And this is an opportunity. The store wasn’t here yesterday. There was a complex of car dealerships abutting one of those sprawling Phoenix strip malls where spray mist over the pathways so shoppers don’t get heatstroke. But now, somehow, inserted between the […]


Corpse Soldier

Everything started here: A broad plain of yellow grass, the stalks crushed and smeared with blood, and the sounds of dying men—yes, all men—sobbing and praying to the rusty pink sky. The high grass hid their forms and faces. They were bodiless voices, as if ghosts already, rising above the field like ashes to heaven. […]



Ordinary fathers lead ordinary lives. They go to work, they raise the kid, they open their homes for the weekly mahjong and meal that rotates from one family to the next in their circle of Chinese immigrants. When they text their daughters, the cell phone vibrates discreetly. If the phone is buried in a backpack, […]


Nice Things

After the memorial service, Phoebe Morris returned to the beachfront townhouse where her mother had lived for the last twenty years, and prepared to cope. There was nothing of Mother’s that she particularly wanted, but there were papers to sort and clothing to donate, and it was her responsibility. She was an only child, an […]

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