Interview: Christopher Barzak

It’s been a banner year for Christopher Barzak, winning both a Shirley Jackson Award for his short story collection Before and Afterlives and watching his novel, One for Sorrow, turned into a Sundance Feature Film. His work, which has been widely published in speculative fiction anthologies, as well as publications such as Asimov’s, Strange Horizons, […]


Interview: Maria Dahvana Headley

Maria Dahvana Headley is a hurricane in a ballgown, a woman who spent a year saying “Yes” and writer who can spin truth into fairytales. Her Nebula and Shirley Jackson award–nominated short fiction has graced the pages of top SF/F publications and has been consistently featured in “Year’s Best of” anthologies. Her 2006 best selling memoir The […]


Interview: Beth Meacham on Jay Lake

This interview is with Beth Meacham, Senior Editor at Tor Books, which published Jay Lake’s final collection, Last Plane to Heaven, from which this month’s reprint is drawn. Uncanny Magazine: How did you first meet Jay? What struck you the most about his work? Beth Meacham: I first met Jay through his work—I’d noticed some […]