What Grew

Before I knew I was pregnant I would stand before the mirror and wonder why I was different why I was growing what was wrong with my too-small skin. “Probably,” (they said, with certainty in their voices, as if they had ever felt anything like what I was feeling) “Probably you do not have a […]


Persephone in Hades

Poppies have never been my favorite flowers. Here they bloom all year long, if one can say a year in Hades, where no seasons pass, where summer never fades. Ironic, that— a land of death where nothing ever dies. I have almost forgotten how it feels when snowflakes fall and melt against my cheeks, when frost […]



Mother used to say if you sing the right note, time turns backward, an unraveling of mistakes, a new gasp of breath, a second chance, depths like a shipwreck, full of old magick. Back then, we sang desire bare to its bones, sharp in the moonlight, our songs relentless, reckless, and justified— all love is […]


די ירושה

The suitcase no one packs lives in the back of the closet in a shroud of wedding boots and radio sweaters, its hinges glued with labels from razed hotels. It holds textiles, tax stamps, a great-great-grandmother’s long shadow, the name of the uncle who worked the tobacconist’s shop. It holds recipes for sorrel and sour […]



I am thankful to not be a fish           again in this life. When I see a restaurant tank my jaws swell in remembrance gulp ice water like air It could be worse, my dear my mother’s port-wine birthmark ripples around her neck as she waves her fork She does not […]


The Fairies in the Crawlspace

the girl found the fairies in the crawlspace below her house where slants of light illuminated how they fluttered about and spun webs strong enough to snare mice she stared, fascinated, for a while almost forgetting about the wrathful thunder of mother’s footsteps above the fairies needed no web to snare the girl she started […]


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