Expecting a Dinosaur

For Ada Hoffman 1 No one ever expects a dinosaur. 2 Especially not on a small town street— pounding the pavement with deadly clawed feet. 3 From beneath one of those feet, painful groans. Those nearby shrieked, but then stifled their moans. They knew what to do. They pulled out cell phones. 4 Could social […]


The Year We Got Rid of Our Ghosts

Hands full of safe, we burned a blaze in every doorway, traced the lines of each other, left saltwater in corners, washed the floors with our own intentions, rose petals and lavender trailing behind. Your house, its windows shut, its door locked, smoke drifting from the chimney, proof of life, threadbare and quickly vanishing. How […]


The One

830, 831, 832, 833— on his digits he can see the crumbs of past attempts at family. He licks the strawberry stains and lists them in turns: • rejection via drowning at a river in Estonia; • so many silver baubles as he wooed British royals; • a dozen unique moments when men wanted blood […]


What Grew

Before I knew I was pregnant I would stand before the mirror and wonder why I was different why I was growing what was wrong with my too-small skin. “Probably,” (they said, with certainty in their voices, as if they had ever felt anything like what I was feeling) “Probably you do not have a […]


Persephone in Hades

Poppies have never been my favorite flowers. Here they bloom all year long, if one can say a year in Hades, where no seasons pass, where summer never fades. Ironic, that— a land of death where nothing ever dies. I have almost forgotten how it feels when snowflakes fall and melt against my cheeks, when frost […]



Mother used to say if you sing the right note, time turns backward, an unraveling of mistakes, a new gasp of breath, a second chance, depths like a shipwreck, full of old magick. Back then, we sang desire bare to its bones, sharp in the moonlight, our songs relentless, reckless, and justified— all love is […]


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